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First survey reveals new media taking over old media

The 2008 survey shows that online sources for news are booming as more Americans opt to shift from reading print newspapers and magazines.

New York, March 1, 2009

  • The survey was conducted to check the trends of new media and it's affect to tradional media.

  • Following the emergence of new media overal readership for print newspapers and magazines declined by 14 percent.

  • The percentage of Americans getting their news from the internet has tripled in the last 10 years.

  • Overal, 37 percent of Americans, including half of those who go on interet get new online regularly.

  • Newspapers would have suffered even greater losses without their online versions.

  • The most recent survey was conducted December from a nationally representative sample of 1,013 adults.

New media poses a serious challenge to traditional media



Sandra Garry, Director of Eagle Communicationas Agency said: "We are happy to be the first to have conducted this survey. We hope the findings of this study will be useful not just to the media but also public relations professionals."

Michael Cherenson, Chair, PRSA: "These results shows how receptive people are to the Internet as a medium and not just a tool. It is a good research for public relations professionals and media to study the findings keenly on trends of new media."

Jackson Rosenburg, Senior professor of Public Relations, University of New York: "The report will be a useful for students who are pursuing both Journalism and Public Relations to understand the trends in this new technology and it's implications to tradional media. It will also be good resource material for research."

Please contact Joyce Chin to arrange an interview and/or for additional quotes.

Eagle Communications Agency was established in 1990 and was the first agency in America to use new media. The agency specialsed in PR campaigns works with both new and established companies in a variety of technology to ensure best results. Eagle is currently, the top agency in New York with 60 experts in new media, PR and campaigns.


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Is alternative new media posing a serious challenge to traditional media

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