Monday, 9 February 2009

Is new media evolution changing how PR works?

It's inevitable and we have to learn the skills if planning to work in the public relations industry. What am I talking about here? PR 2.0. These are not those old days, when almost everybody read information on printed newspapers or listened to radio.
Many people are now turning to get information on the internet. With the advent of the first generation of the web in the 1990’s, and the more recent arrival of the community-centric “new media” phenomenon known as Web 2.0, public relations practitioners have no choice but to incorporate Internet functionality such as blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and social media into their PR campaigns, as well as adapt to a direct-to-consumer communications environment in an industry-wide movement dubbed PR 2.0.
My second lesson on issues in PR was about the revolution of new media and public relations.In that lesson, the course tutor, Michaela O'brien pointed out that: "If new media is proliferating the kinds of news people are looking for, then you might need to think who your audience is and where to put the news." The internet has drastically changed the way the communications industry works and will continue doing so.
Online sources for news are booming and therefore it also means that new media is creating new channels for public relations in terms of how information or news is disseminated either to the media/journalists or the public. For instance, public relations professionals used to write a news release and print it to send or hand deliver to each media outlets. But, nowardays they can email the news release and pictures accompanying the release on jpeg ..etc making it easy and faster to reach the news desks.

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